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This barrel shaped sauna is available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft with an outdoor seating veranda and is heated by a wood burning stove.

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Traditional Saunas are heated by convection hot air. with the average temperature is typically being around 70-100 degrees Celsius in the sauna, which is heated by a stove and hot coals. A typical traditional sauna regime would involve showering first and drying off. A 10-15 minute session in the sauna followed by a 2 minute cooling down in fresh air then a cool shower or plunge pool. A period of rest before another session is advised with a maximum of 3 sauna sessions.

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Buy Cheap Diazepam From India

Infrared Saunas heat the body using infrared radiation (as if you are in the sun). Radiation penetrates the skin and helps ease muscular strains and joint problems. The average temperature is a comfortable 38-43 degrees Celsius allowing more time in the sauna to benefit health wise. A 30-minute session results in loss of toxins and stored fats in the body, therefore assisting in weight loss and achieving a healthier complexion as well as deep heat penetration of muscular aches and joints. Physical cardiovascular fitness occurs due to increased blood flow allowing more oxygen to reach areas of the body and detoxing your system giving you a healthier skin tone and texture. Start feeling the benefits today.

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