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Regular sauna sessions help strengthen the immune system through the process of extracting toxins in the body by sweating. A healthy heart rate is achieved by switching from the heat of a sauna to a cold environment on a regular basis.

Traditional Saunas

Traditional Saunas are heated by convection hot air. with the average temperature is typically being around 70-100 degrees Celsius in the sauna, which is heated by a stove and hot coals. A typical traditional sauna regime would involve showering first and drying off. A 10-15 minute session in the sauna followed by a 2 minute cooling down in fresh air then a cool shower or plunge pool. A period of rest before another session is advised with a maximum of 3 sauna sessions.

Children age 6 upwards can use a sauna but as the temperature is very high it is always advisable to consult a doctor if there are any known medical conditions. A traditional sauna requires a qualified electrician to connect the sauna stove, which operates at 7.5kW/hour.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas heat the body using infrared radiation (as if you are in the sun). Radiation penetrates the skin and helps ease muscular strains and joint problems. The average temperature is a comfortable 38-43 degrees Celsius allowing more time in the sauna to benefit health wise. A 30-minute session results in loss of toxins and stored fats in the body, therefore assisting in weight loss and achieving a healthier complexion as well as deep heat penetration of muscular aches and joints. Physical cardiovascular fitness occurs due to increased blood flow allowing more oxygen to reach areas of the body and detoxing your system giving you a healthier skin tone and texture. Start feeling the benefits today.

Children and the elderly can benefit from using an infrared sauna due to its lower temperatures. Its simple plug in connection means it becomes instantly operational as well as economical with fuel consumption at 1.5kW/hour. Heat therapy through history has proved to be most beneficial to health when regular sessions are taken.

Cedar Barrel Sauna

This barrel shaped sauna is available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft with an outdoor seating veranda and is heated by a wood burning stove. It has the following features:

  • 4ft Changing Room
  • 6ft Sauna
  • 8ft Sauna with veranda
  • For other sizes please contact us by clicking HERE
  • This sauna is heated by a wood burning stove
  • Ideal of outdoor use
  • There is also an Electric Stove option
  • No expensive electrical installations and Inexpensive operating costs
  • 7ft wide for extra room
  • Made from Cedar Wood from Canada

Lakeland Saunas

Unique to Lakeland Saunas this new range combines infra red sauna with steam for increased pleasure and relaxation with the ability to add herbs or essential oils to the steam pod. Infra red saunas are normally dry saunas but many bathers enjoy the pleasure of steam and increased humidity similar to that of a traditional sauna. Now thanks to Lakeland Saunas you can have the best of both worlds!




All our cabins are manufactured in our own factory in the UK using traditional kiln Dried Scandinavian Spruce from Managed and replanted forests. A range of sizes is available as well as bespoke models that can be made to your requirements.

All our betters are equipped with incandesceni infrared lamps. These are designed to give instant heat .As soon as they are switched on they begin to glow red giving direct warmth detoxing from within the body.

All our infra red saunas have digital controls giving you total control of your spa with a countdown timer, temperature setting Chromatherapy lights interior and downlighter exterior for that special mood All our saunas are equipped with IPod connection so you can relax with your favorite tunes.

model-1-infrared-sauna-cabin-top-shot-2This state of the an steam generator is designed for use with our saunas and has 3 power settings and is fully functional with warning lights showing water levels and boil dry protection. Essential oils can be infused to give your sauna experience that special touch A separate 13 amp plug in supply is required so there arc no expensive electrical installations.

The steam/sauna cabins have been designed with simplicity where no plumbing or drainage is required. The generator is simply topped up with water and just a small amount will produce a considerable amount of steam. Thanks to a special coaling in extra ventilation at the end of your session the sauna will naturally dry off once sponged down.

All panels are clad on both sides with spruce and insulated with rock wool fiber to reduce heat loss and increase efficiency reduce warm up time .All panels are coated with an odorless formula to prevent moisture penetrating the wood. All controls and lighting are 12voIts and the average session costs on average one sixth of the cost of a traditional sauna session compared to infrared session.

All our panel saunas are manufactured in the UK from Top grade Kiln Dried Spruce to the dimensions and layouts below. They are all supplied with a sauna heater with digital controls rocks and heater guard and a full glass door. They arrive flat packed ready to assemble. Included is a comprehensive stage by stage instruction manual, All sizes are approximate to 10mm so please allow at least a 25mm air gap around the sauna when building. All cabins are 1950mm high and include vat in the price. Delivery is £94.

Included in the price are backrest, headrests, sauna light and shade, bucket and ladle. Sand-timer, thermometer, towel and fragrance rack with 4 bottles of sauna fragrances and a plastic instruction card. All hardware is supplied and the only tools you will need is a saw, hammer and electric screw driver.

All saunas require a flat preferably tiled surface to stand on.

Infrared / Steam Cabin

1 D1030 Drawing1 D1520 Drawing
Model Number 1 2 3
Number of Bathers 1 2 3

Size (inches)

36.5 x 40.5 48.5 x 40.5 60.5 x 40.5
Heater (kw) 1.2 1.5 1.8
Sauna Price £1346 £1536 £1736
Steam Price n/a £1999 £2199


D1525 Drawing D1530 Drawing  model-6
Model Number 4 5 Corner 6
Number of Bathers 3 4 4

Size (inches)

60.5 x 52.5 72.5 x 52.5
Heater (kw) 1.8 2.1 1537 x 1537 x 1950
Sauna Price £1988 £2224 £2396
Steam Price £2399 £2599 £2623



Traditional Saunas

1 2 D1520 Drawing
Model Number 1 2 3
Number of Bathers 1 2 2


1.25 x 0.73 1.86 x 0.73 1.25 x 1.04
Heater (kw) 3 3 3
Sauna Price £1399 £1599 £2166


D1525 Drawing D1530 Drawing D2020 Drawing12
Model Number 4 5 6
Number of Bathers 2 3 2


1.56 x 1.04 1.86 x 1.04 1.25 x 1.35
Heater (kw) 3 4.5 4.5
Sauna Price £2358 £2562 £2562


D2025 D2035 Drawing D2035 Drawing
Model Number 7 8 9
Number of Bathers 2-3 2-3 3-4

Size (inches)

1.56 x 1.35 1.86 x 1.35 2.17 x 1.35
Heater (kw) 4.5 4.5 4.5
Sauna Price £2724 £2860 £3310


D2040 Drawing correct D2040 Drawing correct D2530 Drawing
Model Number 10 11 12
Number of Bathers 4-5 2-3 3-4

Size (inches)

2.48 x 1.35 1.56 x 1.66 1.86 x 1.66
Heater (kw) 4.5 4.5 6
Sauna Price £3366 £2762 £2762


D2535 Drawing D3030w Drawing D3040w Drawing
Model Number 13 14 15
Number of Bathers 3-5 4-6 3-5

Size (inches)

2.17 x 1.66 2.48 x 1.66 1.86 x 1.96
Heater (kw) 6 6 8
Sauna Price £3310 £3696 £3408


D2040 Drawing correct D2530 Drawing D2535 Drawing
Model Number 16 17 18
Number of Bathers 4-7 4-8 2

Size (inches)

2.17 x 1.96 2.48 x 1.96 1.86 x 1.04
Heater (kw) 8 8 4.5
Sauna Price £3790 £4092 £2562


D3030w Drawing D3040w Drawing
Model Number 19 20
Number of Bathers 2-3 4-8

Size (inches)

1.86 x 1.36 2.48 x 1.96
Heater (kw) 4.5 4-8
Sauna Price £2860 £4092
Thanks Lakeland for our Hot Tub – it is the best thing we have ever bought – the family love it it – grandma as well

Jo and Amanda

We love our hot tub already had a few parties – thanks

Bill and Julie

Our hot tub was purchased for health benefits and we are already feeling 10 years younger!!!

Mike and Jenny

We purchased a small summer house in april – it arrived on time – the quality was excellent and we are really pleased with it – we can now enjoy our garden all year round

Mr and Mrs Charles

We decided to invest in a hot tub and went for the Artesian Platinum Elite pelican Bay - I can honestly say it has worked wonders for my husbands stress levels and our relationship as it gives us time away to chat to each other and spend quality time together as a family

Mr and Mrs Haywood

What can I say – we love it – the kids love it and even the dogs loves it !!! thanks Lakeland for all your advice and help – great installation team

Michelle and Simon Smithers