Craig Bell ★★★★★

Just a note to say many thanks for the two person hot tub installed for us last wed. The lads were great and we are very pleased with the tub.

Amanda Walker ★★★★★

Just wanted to thank everyone for the fantastic service we received yesterday I appreciate it is out of your way and a long drive over. Great customer service,  will definitely recommend!

Ian Casement ★★★★★

Thanks for the great service in moving our hot tub for guests at Canny Brow Barn. Mark and Sam made the move look easy but I would have dreaded doing it myself with a bunch of mates. Great job… Thanks a lot.

Bella Clinton ★★★★★

Thank you Sam it’s fabulous been in it tonight with all the kids !! Great service would recommend to anyone considering a hot tub to go to Lakelnd Spas xx

Mrs. Robinson ★★★★★

Just a big thanks you to all.
Our hot tub is wonderful. And all the outside finished . We use it near every night, the family are visiting more to use it too.
We had great service from start to finish . We kept asking lots of questions , as we weren’t sure if we were doing right thing in buying the spa. No regrets, should have done it sooner. Great for my back and aches and pains.
We started with chlorine then changes over to the oxygenated crystals. We found this easier to use, gentler on the skin. Maybe a little more expensive but worth it. You put the crystal in before entering the spa, so if you do happen to get a little forgetful, the sanitisation has been done. Then all you have to do is once a week shock with the other liquid and sachet.
Thanks again guys. Have already recommended you to some friends . Xx

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