1. Make your spa isn’t left empty for any period of time . There are still 40 to 60 litres of water in the pipe work if its empty and if it freezes over night there’s a possibility this small amount of water could freeze and burst some pipes.. a nasty surprise you certainly don’t want!
  2. If its snowing and laying quite fast be sure to brush the snow of your hot tub cover as the weight if the snow may cause the cover to cave in.
  3. Windy weather can cause damage to your cover and/or cover lifter. To make sure your cover is secure during windy spells its best to have storm straps attached to the cabinet so your cover will stay securely in place.
  4. If you aren’t going to be using your spa over the winter months keep the spa full but set the spa into ECO or SLP mode. This way it will still circulate but wont heat upto the 40 degrees and will still be full of water. Please do remember to still sanitize and balance your spa though!