As we all know the world is changing every day and more and more people now make a lot of their purchases online or from a company that they don’t necessarily know or can trust. At Lakeland Spas we understand that a hot tub, sauna or log cabin purchase is a big deal and a huge purchase for people, so below we have listed the top reasons why we think buying a hot tub locally is so important.

“I can get a spa £500 cheaper but the company’s online only”

All of us as Hot tub dealers our great and individual in our own right but when you are purchasing a spa because its £500 cheaper than the last place please do take into consideration money that may need to be spent after the initial purchase e.g. callouts, services or moves. Here at Lakeland Spas if you are one of our customers the standard prices for the above are discounted because not only do we like to look after you all, we appreciate your business too!

“We need advice on our hot tub, but we can’t through to the people we bought it off”

After sales is so important for us, so if you ever have a question about your hot tub even its just about your filters or chemicals we are here to help, and the big plus is you don’t go through to a call centre you will speak to one of our knowledgeable staff straight away.

“We purchased a hot tub online, but it wasn’t what it said on the tin”

Being in our 14th year of supplying hot tubs, we hear this all the time sadly sometimes too often. People buying on a whim online and the hot tubs coming without a cover steps or chemicals, not the right colour or parts missing because they had to hit the upgrade button to get the full shebang. We say you wouldn’t buy a car without going to look at it in the showroom and doing your homework, so why would you when buying a hot tub?

“They delivered the spa but just left it on our drive”

Hot tubs are hard objects to move and you need the right skills and equipment to do so. A lot of online company’s deliver but don’t install leaving you in a bit of pickle with a lot of questions such as: How am I going to this in safely? How am I going to get the hot tub on its side? Who’s going to wire the hot tub up to the main electric for me? How will I know how to control and sanitize the spa? At Lakeland spas from the minute you purchase your spa we take care of everything for you. We deliver and install the spa safely and won’t leave until we know your 100% happy with how you are going to maintain your spa after we leave.

“I have a holiday lodge that currently has guests in and I need assistance asap but can’t get in touch with the company I brought the hot tub off”

More than 80% off repairs we carry are on hot tubs that haven’t been supplied off us and 9 times out of 10 are in a commercial setting. Here at Lakeland Spas we understand that there’s much more competition in this industry than there was when we first opened back in 2005 but if you do have a holiday let and are thinking of purchasing a hot tub to boost your bookings please think carefully before buying online or from a company that’s not so local just because you may be able to save X amount of money. The reasons for this being:

If you have guests in your property and you can’t get hold of anyone or they can’t come for 2 weeks, what are you going to do? Chances are you will have some unhappy customers and will owe refunds. If you have purchased your spa from us we put you as priority and will always try and get to you within 48 hours.

We will help anyone out where we can but some makes and models of spas we don’t repair so if you have a spa that’s one of them and your only down the road chances are you will have to go back to your supplier but if you can’t get hold of anyone, they’ve gone bust or it’s a two week wait you will be in a bit of a predicament. Whereas if the spa was one we supplied we will always be able to repair no matter how old!

If you need advice quickly there’s nothing worse than no answer or being in a queue. Like we mentioned earlier in the post we have knowledgeable staff on the end of the phone to help you with any questions or queries.

If you are thinking of buying a hot tub, please don’t be put off buying one as they are fabulous, and you’ll never be without once you have one. Just do your homework, there are some excellent suppliers out there but some not so great and you could end up with a hot tub that’s no good and is costing you money.  Plus you would put a big smile on our face if you did buy of us! We would do the happy jig! 😊 If you would like anymore information regarding our ranges, please contact us on 01228 402651 or

Thank you

Lakeland Spas X