You may be reading the words HSG282 and thinking you have little or no idea of what that means or stands for, below is explained in simple terms what HSG282 regulations means and if your adhering to them or not!

What does this mean and stand for?

HSG282 is a regulation put in place to control Legionella and other infectious agents potentially in spa-pool systems. As we know hot tubs and pool systems can be a recognized source of diseases caused by infectious agents including the organism that causes legionnaires disease. In the past there have been a number of outbreaks linked to spa pools in leisure centres, hotels and holiday lets. This is why the HSG282 regulation was put in place in 2017 to keep you and your customers safe from potentially harmful diseases.

What steps do I need to take to make my holiday let hot tub compliant?

Firstly, risk assessments should always be carried out to identify any potential risks or hazards associated with using a hot tub. Once these have been identified put a set of actions in place to manage any risks that may occur.

Secondly, you need to make sure the hot tub you have at your holiday let is a suitable one. Most people have a domestic hot tub in a commercial setting which is OK, but for most people they find a hot tub specifically for holiday lets is better as its easier for you to maintain and for guests to use. Most company’s nowadays recommend a hot tub very similar to the picture shown above, the reasons for this being:

Spa frog system – This feeds the hot tub directly with bromine so your hot tub is getting a constant supply of chemicals keeping the water clean when the customers are using the spa.

No headrests – Headrests are great in a domestic spa but these can potentially harbor germs and can be broken quite easily so you will find most hot tubs designed for holiday lets won’t have these.

250L of water per bather & 24 hr filtration  system –  You should have at least 250L of water per bather in a commercial hot tub and a 24 hr filtration system. Good news hot tubs like the one above do meet these requirements!

Lastly, you should always keep a record of your water chemistry and what readings you got from them. This should be done once everyday if not two or three times. This is to make sure the hot tubs PH is balanced and there is enough FCI (free chlorine or bromine) in the water to kill any bacteria.

Hot tubs are a fantastic asset to any holiday let, hotel or lodge and will for sure boost your bookings through the roof, but please aware they aren’t without work and once they are delivered to you they are your responsibility to maintain and keep safe. Having a hot tub that is made specifically for a commercial setting makes life so mush easier and in some cases safer!

 The link for the holiday let hot tub we recommend is below. If your current hot tub/s don’t meet the criteria above and you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on  or alternatively on 01228402651

Thank you!


The Holiday Let Hottub HSG282 compliant